Alachua County Food & Nutrition Services

Employees of the Month

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Beth Woodruff, Camp Crystal Lake

April 2019 Employee of the Month

Beth symbolizes the impeccable standards of Camp Staff necessary to operate our daily life here at Camp Crystal. She has adapted to numerous changes in the past year, all with a positive attitude, willing to try any and all new procedures to improve Food Service for our Campers/Students. She is a direct connection to our Parents, Faculty, and Children, ensuring the visit for all parties is a fun, nurturing, and nourishing one. She will not hesitate to step in when needed to keep our small Team and small kitchen thriving.

I consider Beth a National Treasure here at Camp. Our Students are "Happy Campers" because of her loyalty, dedication, and determination to make the Camp Crystal experience the best that Alachua County Schools has to offer!



Celeste "Tee" Nelson, Ft. Clarke Middle School

March 2019 Employee of the Month

Ms. Celeste "Tee" Nelson is a leader and a model team member in our kitchen. Since returning from winter break, we experienced many changes including interim management, introduction of the customization bar and welcoming two new team members. Anytime she has a concern or suggestion, she communicates openly with us while showing respect, a positive attitude and sincere care. When she completes her work, she assists with anything that we may be behind on without hesitation or anyone having to ask. I have no doubt that Fort Clarke Cafe would not have run as smooth as it has without her and although she would never expect recognition in this manner, she very much deserves it. 
One week after debuting the custo-bar, we were operating short of two positions in the kitchen. Ms. Tee filled in every time she could even though she prepares the bulk of the hot items for us every day. Recently, she knew I needed to tuck into the office for most of the day and she took it upon herself to put away the dry storage items for me so that I could complete my work without delay. She has encouraged me personally countless times both with her words and kind acts. I know she has done this with each of our new team members as well. As experienced as she is in this kitchen, she shines even brighter in her ability to lead our team.
As with any change in staffing, there is constant need to correct errors in the moment without discouraging anyone trying to learn. No one manager could do this alone. Ms. Tee has shown her willingness to help others succeed by addressing each individual when appropriate and guiding them with a healthy amount of humor. During the most stressful days, she keeps everyone around her smiling and having fun. When someone is having a bad day, she gives her wise perspective and some of the angst goes away. The balance she brings of having fun while increasing our participation by fifty to one-hundred meals each day makes that accomplishment feel effortless. I am indebted to her and I appreciate any consideration of her for this honor.


Jarod Alston, Duval Early Learning 

February 2019 Employee of the Month

I am nominating Jay for the Employee of the Month. Jay started with us 2 years ago. When he began, I took a chance on a man who was trying to change for his daughter. Jay had never had a "regular job" but I felt he was willing to give it all to do better for his family. When he first started, there were some rough days and times I was not sure if he was going to make it but there was a light in his eye that would not dim.
Today our kitchen could not run without Jay. He is responsible for cooking the veggies, which has proven to be amazing. He follows the recipes to a "T" and we have implemented a program for the students to begin trying veggies and they like them, they really like them. Jay assists others in anyway he can and being the only male in our kitchen has taken on the role of an old-fashioned gentleman. He will not let Ms. Pat or Ms. Velma lift a box as he rushes to assist them. He also insists on being the one who takes out the trash, says he mom would have it no other way. He is an asset to us all.
I am so proud of Jay. He took a second job at a restaurant in town and was in shock when they did not temp food or keep their kitchen clean. He truly understands our business. He serves the students at lunch and they all call him Uncle Jay. He has taken on the role of PTA president at DELA and grows everyday as an amazing FNS employee, a great community member at DELA and most importantly a terrific father.



Karen Mrozinske, Newberry Elementary School

January 2019 Employee of the Month

Karen very much deserves to be employee of the month for several reasons! She comes to work every day with a happiness that is so contagious. Her presence from the moment she walks in everyday from the time she leaves is always a pleasure. She always shows up “early” and leaves “late” every day. She is the definition of what “going above and beyond” means. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand to fellow teammates. Karen has never missed a day of work and does it with pride. She loves the kids and would do anything to ensure that they get all their meal components and makes sure they understand how amazing all of our menu options are what we provide. I’m pleased to say that I am very lucky as a manager to have her.



Lisa Morello, Newberry High School

December 2018 Employee of the Month

Lisa has really stepped up her game ! Newberry High has moved to the customization Bar this month. Lisa has taken on the task of new menu (cold portion) She has been very happy to learn all the tasks involved. She has taken the ServSafe test and passed and received her certification. This provides her a wealth of knowledge she uses everyday. She has been so excited to start serving our kids the custo bar. Everyday she is happy and enthusiastic in motivating our high schoolers thru the new line set up. The kids enjoy her happy delivery of their food.


Angie Curtis, On Point Food Truck

November 2018 Employee of the Month

Angie is a model employee. She is always early and always last to leave.  She has great communications skills and she will always complete her tasks fast and efficiently. Never has she complained when we were shorthanded and will go beyond what is required of her...I believe Angie should be recognized for the hard work and dedication she has put into her job and I am proud and honored to have Angie on my team.


Candace Edwards, Buchholz High

October 2018 Employee of the Month

Candace is always willing to go above and beyond to help whoever needs help, she is the one to step in and help if we need someone to come in early or stay late. She is eager to go to classes and learn all that she can; she just recently took the ServSafe test and passed. The students and teachers love her as the cashier and she enjoys interacting with the students.


Omayra Sanchez-Andiono, Terwilliger Elementary

September 2018 Employee of the Month

I would like to nominate Omayra for this honor. Omayra is the definition of being a team player. She offers to help everyone, in every area of the kitchen, every day. She is a very hard worker and also helps us during summer school. She always goes the extra mile to make the students and faculty happy and healthy. Her positive attitude and smile are contagious. We our very privileged to have her on our team and hope that she will be considered for this honor.


Kendra Robinson, Terwilliger Elementary

May 2018 Employee of the Month

I would like to nominate Kendra Robinson for this honor. Kendra prepares the most amazing salads and vegetables, they are always requested by the students and teachers. She helps out in every area of the kitchen and during summer school. She always goes the extra mile to make the students and faculty happy and healthy. Her positive attitude and smile are contagious. Her skills as a cashier are amazing. We our very privileged to have her on our team and hope that she will be considered for this honor.


Kenyetta Burke, Stephen Foster Elementary

April 2018 Employee of the Month

Kay has been here at Foster for about a year and a half. She is one of the hardest working employees i have ever had the pleasure of working with and I have worked with many! She has never missed a day, she shows up on time and ready to work every single day, she goes above and beyond and NEVER complains. She usually makes 15-30 fresh salads, 60-125 bistro boxes and all of the hot sides everyday in 2 hours or less. She makes herself available to other staff members whenever she can. She has an excellent attitude towards her job and her peers. Nothing comes into work with her but her great ethics and attitude. She has immense pride in what she does and who she does it for. I value her role here at Foster. I also value her as a person. Kay makes work more enjoyable and easier for me. She is also currently in the Career Ladder program. She deserves this!!



Donna Fogarty, Hidden Oak Elementary School

 March 2018 Employee of the Month

Donna always does what ever I ask of her without complaint. She is willing to go over and beyond her normal duties to get the job done. Being short staffed since the beginning of the year, Donna, has never hesitated to fill in the gaps when needed. Donna is truly an asset, she never calls out, and is always on time. I appreciate her and her dedication of 20 years to food service.



Labrittani Johnson, Lake Forest Elementary School

 February 2018 Employee of the Month

Even though Labrittani is a fairly new employee she is a hard and reliable worker. She comes in and gets right to work without hesitation. She takes pride in her job and likes to stay ahead. Once her tasks are completed she immediately jumps in to help someone else. She has learned everything that needs to be done in every are so she can help everyone else. She is constantly moving and finding ways to improve her job performance. Labrittani is without a doubt a very valuable team member.



Heather Sapp, Newberry High School

 January 2018 Employee of the Month

Heather has come to us with a great deal of enthusiasm for the kids here at Newberry High. She has a very up beat personality and this shows when she is serving on the line. She keeps the kids engaged and answers all their question with a positive answer. This can be challenging at times with our high schoolers.
In her position Heather keeps a la carte fresh and beautiful, our pizzas have never looked better. She is a true team player always helping WHERE EVER is needed. She is the puzzle piece we have needed here at Newberry High, and I am happy to nominate her for employee of the month of January 2018.


Samantha Baker, Newberry Elementary School

December 2017 Employee of the Month

I nominate Samantha for employee of the month because she goes above and beyond everyday to ensure our students get the best quality nutritional meals offered on our YC menu. She is an amazing team player and never hesitates to lend a helping hand to our staff. She never misses work and is always on time and ready to take care of the kids and she does it with pleasure. She is a wonderful part of our team and definitely deserves this recognition.



Kijofa Ellis, Fort Clarke Middle School

November 2017 Employee of the Month

Kijofa loves his job and enjoys working with the kids. His customer service goes above and beyond whats expected. Anything I ask him to do beyond his normal duties he does it without question and takes pride in everything he does. He is a team player and is willing to help wherever he is needed. He knows all the kids by name and takes the time to make them smile.



Matt Goolsby, Idylwild Elementary

October 2017 Employee of the Month

Matt came to us right out of school as a volunteer. He volunteered from January 2017 through the summer, and was hired at the beginning of this school year. He has been a great asset to our team. He always has a smile, and positive attitude, regardless of the challenges. He often has to ride public transportation to get to work, and has never been late to work. He has perfect attendance. When Hurricane Irma struck, a tree destroyed his family home. They lost everything, and relocated to a family member’s house. Matt was able to save his work uniforms from the house, and Matt was ready to work the first day back to school after the storm. Matt has not missed a day of work through all of the hardships he has recently faced. Matt's positive attitude is contagious, and we appreciate all of his hard work.


Linda Grimmage, Lake Forest Elementary

September 2017 Employee of the Month

Linda has been with food service for 33 years. She is the main dish cook but knows every position in the kitchen. She does not hesitate to help her team mates out. When she is finished with her cook/prep she doesn't need further instruction, she looks around to see who needs help and she jumps right in. She also serves lunch at Loften and the kids love her. They refer to her as grandma and some come through the line just to see her. She goes out of her way to speak to everyone who comes through the kitchen and makes everyone feel welcome. She is definitely a much needed team member and she strives everyday to do her best!



Walter Markham, Westwood Middle School

May 2017 Employee of the Month

I would like to nominate Walter Markham as employee of the month. Walter came to us at the beginning of the year. He was retired from Shands hospital where he supervised the food service department. He soon realized he needed to stay busy and wanted to find something he could do to serve the children in his area. He always comes in with a smile always speaks to everyone. We serve anywhere from 290 to 340 chicken popper and fries every day and Walter dose this position with consistency and the food is always hot and fresh. Walter also finds time to help his fellow employees with their tasks. Walter is not only there for his peers many days I find him trying to help the students also. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t ask if there is something he can do for myself and the staff at Westwood. He is a great asset to our team and I am very happy to have him as a part of our team.



Lashanda Martin, PK Yonge

April 2017 Employee of the Month

Since the first day she walked in the door, we all knew she would be a great fit to our team. The training was easy and we only have to tell her once to do anything, she is a team player 100%.  It’s hard to find someone like her and we are honored and privileged to have her on our team. She pays attention to detail and works with pride. She always has a smile and never complains, never complains!!!!!



Lisa Morello, Newberry High School

March 2017 Employee of the Month

Lisa is a new Staff member to Food Service. She comes in everyday with a smile and a happy word to all. She greets the kids with a happy and cheerful disposition. She takes time to explain the main dish and black box items to each group of students. They seem to respond to her in kind. She makes our salad, bread and veggies with a great amount of enthusiasm. She follows the recipes and is always ready to serve on the line with a pep in her step. She brings great joy and kindness to our HIGH-schoolers..... this can be a challenge. I wish we had more like her work ethic and high standards in our kitchen. I am very happy to have her in my kitchen and thank her for her hard work.



Janet Jenkins, Irby Elementary

February 2017 Employee of the Month

Last year in June I was very nervous because I was losing an employee to retirement after 22 years of her service. My search began and lasted most of the summer. I interviewed and no one gave me that feeling that they could fill the shoes of Nancy. Then Janet came in and I knew I had been blessed. Here she was right in front of me willing to do anything and everything. When we started the New Year she came in and to say she fit right in is an understatement. This year we also started the FFVP, It seems no matter what I throw at her she shines every day. When her work is finished she jumps right in to help who may need it. I have seen Janet tie shoes, fix the buttons on their pants an jacket even help them when their shirts are inside out. She is just wonderful to the children and staff. I am extremely lucky to have her on my team! I truly hope that she will be acknowledged.


Dee Pearson, Gainesville High School

January 2017 Employee of the Month

Dee after working in food service for 11 years she has completed the work required for promotion to Food Service Asst. II. Dee does all our fruit, veggies, and bread for the day. Dee insures our main line is set-up to perfection. Dee also take care of doing the veggie prep for our satellite school. Dee is in charge of cleaning and re-filling our condiment containers. If I'm in need of something done or a person to come in early, stay late Dee is always the first to volunteer. Thank you for considering Dee for this nomination she really deserves the recognition.



December 2016 Employee of the Month

Kathryn Nelson, Terwilliger Elementary 

I would like to nominate Kathryn Nelson for this honor. Kathryn has worked here for many years as a main dish cook, cashier, leader, and everything in between. She always goes the extra mile to make the students and faculty happy and healthy. She enables our staff to become better with her wisdom and experience. We our very privileged to have her on our team and hope that she will be considered for this honor.


November 2016 Employee of the Month

Gioia Fernandez, Idylwild Elementary

Gioia has a wonderful attitude towards the work load at Idylwild. She is positive and upbeat. She cashiers and is so friendly with our lil customers. Helping them to make the right choices and seeing that they get what they want too. Our ice cream sales have doubled due to her great salesmanship! She lets us know whenever there is an issue but always makes sure our students come first in quality and service. Gioia gets along with everyone here and is eager to help others when she can. She stays very busy all day and is a great asset to our productivity. I feel Gioia Fernandez deserves employee of the month.



October 2016 Employee of the Month

Paul Clyronomides, Buchholz High School

Paul is a very valuable staff member here at BHS. Paul goes above and beyond his job duties, he stepped up to be main dish cook when the position became available.  Not only is he main dish, he also prepares food for an outside Galley and cashiers during lunch. Paul steps in and helps everyone in the kitchen, never misses work and stays or comes in early when we are short staffed without complaint. He helps make our kitchen run smoother and is more than willing to make any improvements that will help our participation improve. P.S not many of our gentlemen staff members have been acknowledged and this would be the perfect opportunity. :)



September 2016 Employee of the Month

Loretta Mallory, Gainesville High School

I would like for Loretta to be considered for this honor.  Loretta started with me in Jan. of 2016 and has been my best hire. She comes in and goes right to work getting all the Salads, Hoagies, Bistro boxes, and PB&J bags done for the day (my cold line has never looked so good or sold more). She keeps her area spotless including her refrigerator. When she is done Loretta will go around and clean what ever she can fine to clean or help out the other staff members with their jobs. Loretta is never one to stand around I never have to ask her to do something because she is already done and it moving on to the next thing.



 May 2016 Employee of the Month

Pat Tillman, Duval Early Learning Academy


Pat is an excellent employee. From the first day I walked in to Duval to sub as an intern she has been an inspiration as well as a help. Pat works hard to complete her tasks efficiently but never loses sight of quality work. She encourages the other staff by helping out whenever and wherever she can.

Pat serves Head start and Kindergarten lunch. She sets the pace to move head start through the line to insure the students have time to eat their meals. When serving kindergarten Pat becomes a mother hen to the students. She explains what their choices and encourages them as they choose. She bends down to meet our customers eye to eye. I love watching her interact with the students!! Always brings a smile to my face.

Pat is always looking to learn new things. She asks questions and keeps me on my toes. When taking her training with Blake she would come back and let me know anything that we needed to do that we were not.

I think Pat is a true example of what we in FNS want in our staff members and I proudly nominate her for the Employee Recognition Program.

Thanks for your consideration.
Angelique Lowe




April 2016 Employee of the Month

Shawanta Williams, Buchholz High School

I would like to nominate Shawanta Williams for employee of the month. She has been with FS for over 10 years and has taken every role that has been given to her without complaint. She runs our cafe in the 9th grade center and runs her on breakfast line out in the courtyard. She steps in to help out when anyone needs it and doesn't mind helping when we are short staffed. She is very deserving of this award so please vote for her. Thank you




March 2016 Employee of the Month

Teresa Wagley, Idylwild Elementary


Please join me in recognizing Teresa Wagley as employee of the month. Teresa rarely misses work. She is dependable and hard working. Teresa has been with us sense 2001. She has cross trained in every position in the kitchen. She often steps up when others need help without asking her to and can fill in without missing a beat when another staff is out. Teresa helps to keep things running smoothly in our tight and hectic kitchen. Teresa is positive and smiling regardless of the situation and exhibits all the qualities of employee of the month.

Thank you, Kathleen Reynolds




February 2016 Employee of the Month

Vashtye Sales, PK Yonge 

I would like to recommend Vashtye for employee of the month. As a senior member on our staff, the last month has been very challenging for us and she has not only stepped up and helped the team she has excelled in her own job performance. With no complaining she has jumped in where needed and directed team members to complete their tasks. 

We are glad we have her on our staff.
Please vote for Tye she has worked very hard and come a long long way even through her own personal issues.


January 2016 Employee of the Month

Christine Hankerson, Gainesville High School


I would like to nominate Chris for this honor. She has been the main dish cook for three years now and really come into her own. Chris has taken control of the main line and made it her own, she insures we are following YC procedures at all times making sure her line look superb. Chris has also taken over the job of vending making sure the machines stay stocked at all times putting the product in the machines were they look the best. If I need someone to do extra Chris is always there with a smile on her face. The students absolutely love her she knows most by name and what they want without the students asking for it. I could not replace her if I tried she has worked for food service since 1992 and improves every year always learning and always wanting to do more. Please consider Chris for this Honor.



December 2015 Employee of the Month

Kijofa Ellis, Fort Clarke Middle School

After three years of working with Kijofa, I know I can always count on him for anything. If I need him to come in early or stay late he is there. If my Main Dish cook is out Kijofa steps up to the plate and does Main Dish plus his own normal duties. He is always helping to come up with new inventive ways to bring more students through the lines. He always makes sure to smile and say good morning. Kijofa is a very hard worker and I am nominating him because I appreciate everything he does every single day.




November 2015 Employee of the Month

Celeste Nelson, Fort Clarke Middle School

There are a lot of things that I can say about Ms. Tee, she is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond her daily duties even if she is not asked to do so. She will come in early to make sure that everything is ready and will stay late if something is wrong to try and help make it right. She is hard working, rarely takes time off and when she does is willing to change her scheduled time off just to make sure that I do not have to struggle. She knows her stuff and when we have to make changes even though they may sometimes be last minute she does them and makes sure that the students have a great meal.



October 2015 Employee of the Month

Dharmi Patel, Gainesville High School

I would like to recognize Dharmi, at the end of the year she broke her arm and was unable to work due to the injury. She has come back with a renew focus on her job. Dharmi comes in ready to go smile on her face and a wonderful attitude. She has been given new jobs all around, she has started serving breakfast at our Ala-cart line and moved to the front for cashiering lunch. I was trying to give her a break because she always served the most students at lunch on her Ala-cart line last year, No break was to be had her students found her and changed lines to be in her line. I don't know what I would do without her she makes my day every day. Thank you for considering Dharmi for this honor.



September 2015 Employee of the Month

Anna McCray, PK Yonge

We would like to nominate Anna for employee of the month. We have taken on feeding another site of 170 students and foster grandparents. Ms Anna has done an exceptional job with this transition. This is our first year with a satellite and even though at times it is overwhelming Ms Anna does it with a smile and a great attitude. On the first Friday of school she called me at 4:30 in the morning and had been up all night with her husband but reassured me that she would be in and would leave early. She did not leave until 1:30. Ms Anna takes her job to heart and does it with grace and dignity no matter what is going on in her personal life. 

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our team.
We love you
Beth and Vanessa





 May 2015 Employee of the Month

Chrissy Tyner, Newberry High


Chrissy is the perfect employee, she works well with all the staff including subs and students volunteers. She takes her job very serious while ALWAYS smiling and laughing at every turn. Chrissy performs her duties at the highest level. She fills in for the Manager and performs all her duties and mangers as well. She is willing to learn new tasks including the MPP program. Chrissy was asked to help complete the MPP for a sister school while the manager was out for 2 weeks. Chrissy takes all the classes offered to better herself in her job. The joy she takes in her job is wonderful to work with. This is what I call a Wonder women!!




April 2015 Employee of the Month

Chi Cheung, Idylwild Elementary


I nominate Chi Cheung for employee of the month. Chi always has a good attitude and goes above and beyond to ensure excellence while demonstrating her meek demeanor in all she does. She shows interest in learning and is in the career ladder classes. You can always depend on Chi to have a smile and concern for others. She is very talented in Food Art and has blessed us with many amazing creations! Always looking for new things to share with Idylwild students and Faculty. She lights up while serving on line when the students see her work and are in awe. Chi is an exceptional employee and I believe deserves the honer of being chosen as employee of the month.




March 2015 Employee of the Month

March 2015 Employee of the Month

Germaine Henderson, Gainesville High


I would like to nominate Germaine, when we came back to school after winter holidays someone or two has called in sick had family members pass away or doctor’s appointment every week. Germaine has been my go to girl she has come in early, stayed late, and comes in at the last minute. She has done every job in the kitchen from main dish, cashiering and serving. Germaine has done this all without one complaint, smiling and laughing all the while. I don't know how we would have managed without her. She also works another job and in her spare time.  She is taking classes now for Food Service Assistant II. I strong feel she needs to be rewarded for all she done. If I needed her tomorrow she'd be there.





Blanche Mahamery

February 2015 Employee of the Month

Blanche Mahamery, Mebane Middle


I am nominating her again because I feel she deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to her job. She is always so willing to help were needed and has help me out a lot since I have become the manager here at Mebane Middle. Blanche is very knowledgeable and helps the newer staff in the kitchen when the need help and she never gets upset when asked to do something. I am glad to have her on my team she is a Great Team Player.



 Joy Simmons

January 2015 Employee of the Month

Joy Simmons, Meadowbrook Elementary

Joy is such a big part of our kitchen. She is always dependable and a team player. She runs the whole back of the kitchen! Keeps hot fresh food coming throughout the day! She gets along with everyone! Students and staff as well love her. I don't know what I would do without this outstanding employee!!!! When I am out she carries on with ease! She also cashiers breakfast! She does it all :):):)



Gary Gainey

December 2014 Employee of the Month

 Gary Gainey, Irby Elementary

Gary is a conscientious and reliable employee who takes pride in the food he prepares for the students. As a manager who arrived at Irby two days before the school year started, Gary helped the transition go seamlessly. From being a solid main dish cook to helping with recipe development and everywhere in-between, he excels at what he does.

As the main dish cook, Gary produces tasty meals that students, teachers and staff rave about on a regular basis. School Board Member, April Griffin, said his greens are off the chain and Blake thought his lima beans were epic (I am paraphrasing here). Gary takes great pride in producing a quality product and provides constructive criticism to help improve the food we serve.

Gary's talents are not limited to food production. He played an integral role in developing the recipe for Dr. Robert's Pasta Primavera. In addition, he mentors his great nephew, Seven. Each week, Gary uses his break time to have lunch with Seven. During this time they catch up on what's going on with friends and school.

Overall, Gary is a well-rounded and I am more than honored to nominate him as a candidate for Food & Nutrition's December Employee of the Month.






Karen McClellan


November 2014 Employee of the Month

Karen McClellan, Norton Elementary

Karen is an outstanding staff member who puts forth 110% effort every day. She arrives to work with a positive attitude and immediately begins her tasks for the day. Not only is she able to complete her tasks but she is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow team members. Karen is a team player at Norton, but she is also a team player for the district. She, very willingly, worked at another location for two weeks to help while they were short staffed. Karen has also been a vital part of helping Norton to pilot the supper program. Karen is a pleasure to work with and deserves to be recognized for her efforts as an outstanding employee.






October 2014 Employee of the Month

       Vetrona Sheppard, Idylwild Elementary

 Vetrona Sheppard is positive and cool during the most stressful times. She usually serves over 600 students without a break sharing the same smile and friendly service for the last as the first students received. She goes above and beyond to ensure our students get the best of care. She prepares our FFVP and does an outstanding job. Vetrona does not hesitate to make me aware of anything that needs to be brought to my attention and is ready to make any changes as they arise.




        September 2014 Employee of the Month

        Janice Frison, Norton Elementary

Janice is an exemplary employee and deserves to be recognized for her hard work. She comes to work every day on time, with a smile on her face. Her attitude is always upbeat and positive and she is willing to help anyone at any time. It is clear that Janice loves her work as she does it, without hesitation, to the best her ability. The students respond well to her friendly demeanor and contagious smile as she lovingly serves them. Janice has also worked very hard, on her own personal time, to complete the Career Ladder Course so that she can be even better at her job. Janice is a shining example of what it means to be a school food service employee and deserves to be recognized as such.



May 2014 Employee of the month

       May 2014 Employee of the Month

       Gloria Bosma, Idylwild Elementary

Gloria was hired as food service assistant for Alachua County over 20 years ago. She is a hard worker that keeps a smile on her face and encourages everyone around her regardless of how she may feel. She never fails to jump in and help bare the load of her fellow staff. When things get stressful or pushed for time she will break out in song, sometimes something silly that gets every one tickled. Gloria takes her job very seriously though always striving for perfection. She has a great love for the children we serve and it shows. Many times when she knows a child is in need she does her best to meet that need. At holidays she donates gifts through the office for the children so not to get credit for the selfless acts of kindness she does. Gloria is an active member of the Alachua County Food and Nutrition Association, she is also active in her church and sings in the choir. Gloria is a pleasure to work with and I believe deserves the recognition of employee of the month.



April 2014 Employee of the Month

        April 2014 Employee of the Month

        Linda Mihalisin, Talbot Elementary

Linda is an exceptional employee. From day one, she has gone above and beyond. Linda always has a warm smile and friendly service for all the children that come into our serving line. When we were in a pinch, she had no problem staying to help. Anything I have asked her to do, she has done readily and with a joyful heart. Not to mention her salads look absolutely delicious!!!




March 2014 Employee of the month

March 2014 Food & Nutrition Services Employee of the Month

          Doris Porter, Norton Elementary

Doris is in one word "amazing”! She does whatever needs to be done, without having to be asked. A few weeks ago it was just her and I on a Pizza Friday. I never heard a word of complaint from her the entire day. We laughed and joked most of the day! She makes coming to work fun. I have never heard her say a bad word about anyone. We recently hired new staff members, she helped them to feel comfortable and helped them with their work. She is always the first to work and last to leave. She never leaves anyone if they are still working. She helps out with the kids, making sure they have what is needed. She hugs them, plays with them. Takes time to notice if they have new clothes or have gotten a haircut. The kitchen just does not run the same when she is out. Not that she is out much, she misses a day or two a year, and those days are never for her. Always for family that might need her, or to attend a funeral. She is the heart of our kitchen, and I would be at a loss without her!



Linda Ray, February Employee of the Month

February 2014 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month

                     Linda Ray, Lincoln Middle

Linda is such a great employee. She is always willing to help her co-workers. Linda takes care of the head start program at Prairie View and the staff and students just love her. Linda also helps with the school board/Kiwanis club annual World’s Greatest Baby Shower each year. Linda has never been late to work and always comes to work with a positive attitude.



  January 2014 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month

            Maravic Meyer, Finley Elementary

 Maravic has been working at Finley since 10/06. She goes above and beyond the expected in kindness and thoughtfulness when helping both students and staff. She has been the kitchen’s Hospitality representative for the past six years, and she has always supported all activities for teachers and staff, with time, energy, ideas and her cooked food.

Maravic is Alachua County’s Food Service Association’s Vice President for 2012-2014 and will then be the President of the Association starting in February for 2014-2016.

Maravic has been a Girl Scout Troup leader for the last seven years influencing many of Finley’s young women in a positive manner.

Maravic is active in Westwood Middle School’s Parent and Student combined health and fitness program.

For the last seven years, while her two children were at Finley, she was very active in the PTA volunteering at all their events with either her time, food or both.

She was one of the highest participant mileage walker contributors helping Finley to win $1000 first place in the county’s Walking Works wellness program.

Maravic always gives 110% at everything she does; while cashiering for the last 4 years her money accuracy has been 100% correct, all the while making students feel important and making sure they get a complete meal.

She is a hard worker and is always a peace maker in every activity she participates in for staff or students.




Beverly Rowe

December 2013 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month

           Beverly Rowe, Gainesville High

  I would like to nominate Bev. At the start of school she had the duty of training our new employee Erica; she took this challenge on with no complaints. Then we lost Erica due to over staffing. Bev had to adjust again to a new partner, again she took this on with no complaints having to set up and prepare all the food for both lines. Bev is one of the most easy going no problem people I know. She gets the short end of the stick a lot of the time and I would like for her to know I do appreciate all she does.



    Delia White


November 2013 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month

           Delia White, Alachua Elementary

Delia is a very hard working, dedicated employee. She always has a cheerful smile, wishes everyone good morning, and is great with the children. (Taking a personal interest in them) Delia always strives to give her best, is honest and will always go above and beyond what is required. (Staying to complete a job even using her own time, despite my requests). Every kitchen needs one employee with these virtues. I am proud she is a part of the Alachua Team and Alachua County School Food Service.



         October Employee of the Month


     October 2013 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month 

        Dawan Lomwong, Santa Fe High


The one word to describe this employee is AWESOME.  If I am unable to take care of an area in the kitchen this employee will carry the load.  She will jump from station to station to help other employees after she has completed all her tasks.  She doesn’t have to be asked to do anything, keeps smiling all day and will redirect other employees to help others before getting help for herself.  HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!  



September Employee of the Month

 September 2013 Food & Nutrition Employee of the Month

    Marietta Williams, High Springs Community

 Marietta is an awesome lady that takes her work very seriously yet knows how to have fun, smile and be a friend to all her co-workers and Customers.

She is highly praised by all in our kitchen for her craftiness when it comes to making salads look extra special.  She takes much pride in everything she does.  
She is courteous and very respectful to all.  She has true blue values that you don't see in a lot of people these days when it comes to hard work ethics.  As her manager I see her as a mover, a shaker and a motivator, she definitely gets the job done with outstanding results with a positive attitude to boot.
She also is very loyal to management and strives to be consistent in all she does to comply with her daily duties
Marietta is also well known in our community as part owner of Williams Auctions, she stays very active on weekends spending quality time with her grandchildren and family.
She is the Best at what she does and she gives her all the minute she walks in the back door of our kitchen here at High Springs.