Alachua County

Food and Nutrition Department Forms

The following forms are for staff use in the Food and Nutrition Department



Cleaning Forms

Daily Cleaning Schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule (1 per month)



 Summer Forms

Daily Meal Count Record

Daily Meal Count Record (Mobile Food Truck)

Pre-Operational Site Visit

Site Visit Form (First Week of Operation)

Weekly Meal Invoice (Contracts)

Sponsor Monitor Site Visit Form

Site Supervisor Guide



 Food Request Forms

 Clinic Request Form

M&B Change Order Form


Food Allergy Forms

  Parent Letter - Allergies

 Food Allergies Form


 Emergency Operations Documents

Emergency Operations Forms

Food Log



Program Information Manual 16-17

Procedures Manual 16-17

MSDS Manual 16-17

HACCP Manual 16-17

Food Buying Guide 16-17

Menu Planner 16-17

Inventory Manual 16-17

Hurricane Manual 16-17



Equipment Forms 

Equipment Pick Up Request

 Smallwares Request 16-17

 Largewares Request 16-17



Training Classes Offered 16-17 

Leadership Academy 16-17

Intern Class Schedule 16-17

New Hire Orientation 16-17

Continuing Education 16-17

Continuing Education Classes Sign Up 16-17

Cashier Class 16-17

Cashier Class Sign Up 16-17

Foundations Class 16-17

Career Ladder Class 16-17

Career Ladder Application 16-17

CPR Class Sign Up 16-17


































































Financial Forms

Bread Order Form

Daily Cash Summary Sheet

Daily Deposit Breakdown Sheet

Off-Line Roster

Change & Vending Delineation Form

Weekly Invoice Listing

Monthly Travel Voucher - Excel

Per Diem Voucher for Out of County Travel



Community Eligibility Provision Forms 

CEP Breakfast Tally Sheet

CEP Lunch Tally Sheet

Afternoon Snack Tally Sheet

Daily Meal Reconciliation Form



Supper Program Forms 

Supper Program Tally Sheet 

Supper Program Monthly Meal Count Record

Supper Program Production Record



Staff Forms

Chemical Safety Training Form

Civil Rights/Civility Form

Staff Change of Hours Form

New Hire Packet

 Food Service Assistant Manager and Manager Intern Performance Evaluation

 24 Hour Meeting Notification 



Miscellaneous Forms

Quality Control Form

Transfer/Spoilage/Damage/Adjustment Form 

Storage of Records

Destruction of Records

Food Donation Form

 Free and Reduced Contact Communication

Quick Information Sheet

Quick Information Sheet - Editable Version



Production and Time and Temperature Logs

Ala Carte Lunch Line Report

Instructions for Ala Carte Lunch Line Report

Afternoon Snack Production Sheet


Deliming Dish Machine Record

  EDEP Snack Form
(Non-area eligible schools only)

Low Temp Dish Machine and Chlorine Test for 3 compartment sink Log

Production Time and Temperature Log

Production Time and Temperature Log - Excel

Refrigeration and Storage Temperature Log

Thermometer Calibration Log





























































Field Trip Forms

Field Trip Request Form



 Employee Recognition Form

Employee Recognition Form 



 Manager Work Hours

Manager Work Hours Form



Staff Work/Break Times

Staff Start/Break/Lunch Times



 Meal Serving Times

Meal Serving Times Form



 Contact Information

Manager, Asst Manager, Intern Contact Information Change Form



Payroll Forms 

Application for Leave

Daily Time Sheet for Employees

Extra Hours

Substitute Record 

Direct Deposit Form

Request for Personal Leave Buyback

 Employee Exit Property Return

 Employee Exit Interview

 Separation From Service

 FFVP Time Sheet



Production Records - NON YC

Breakfast Production Record 

Lunch Production Record